19 December 2012

The Benefits of Being Financially Responsible

Approximate $ Savings: A lifetime of savings & no financial stress

This isn't so much a tip. I just wanted to share an unexpected discovery with fellow Cheapskaters. To explain : 14 years ago our financial circumstances were bad. To keep within our limited income we had to stick to a strict budget, and it was difficult for me. At first I hated it, my husband was the driving force who kept us on track. Thankfully, we were able to survive and recover. Then recently, a financial windfall allowed our family to enjoy an overseas holiday (we were very responsible with the rest of the money!). We did not have a budget for this holiday! For the first week, we didn't know ourselves - we splashed out on whatever we wanted, HOWEVER, by the third week, we were actually back to our usual cautious spending pattern - even the kids! To our surprise, we found we just didn't have it in us to waste money! Being financially responsible becomes a way of life. Who'd have thought it?
Contributed by Ann

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