13 December 2012

Great Paintings for Wall Display for Under $75

Approximate $ Savings: At least $200 per display

We have recently bought our first home after learning so much from all the cashed-up tips available on the website. We bought a slightly older property and used our savings to 'splurge' on renovating the kitchen and bathroom. I love having paintings or wall art on display but could not justify paying over $275 for an abstract riot of colours I had seen at Ikea. Wanting to spruce up the lounge and master bedroom, I went to the gift shop at the Art Gallery of WA and picked up large art prints for around $20 - $25 each. I did end up paying $49 for each frame but I had 2 lovely art displays for under $75 each and these are beautiful landscapes by well known Australian artists, not just a random mix of brush strokes that is passed off as 'modern art' these days. I could have saved more by buying frames from op shops or garage sales but my lounge looks so homely now.
Contributed by Amy

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