28 December 2012

Sunday Night Ritual Saves Money at Dinnertime

Approximate $ Savings: $40 per week

Menu planning saves me about $40 per week on groceries and even more on takeaway. I write out a plan of weekly meals on a Sunday night, checking what I have in the freezer and pantry whilst I go. This enables me to make use of what I have and saves on groceries as I usually only need to grab bread or milk through the week. By having a menu plan and making a habit of taking the meat out the night before I am rarely lazy enough to buy take away anymore. I can also mix the meals around if I did forget to take something out of the freezer.
Contributed by Dayna

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  1. Hi since joining and starting the $300 a month challenge it has meant my family is eating so much better and more. We have 3 teenagers - one that eats twice of the amount of an adult man. We have come in very close to budget each month. On top of that both my hubbie and I work full time and I share my cheap existence with my staff who wonder how we do it! The kids rate our dinners and and we all pick the menu (sometimes we do the whole month at at a time) I explain to our teenagers that when they flat or move out how important it is to budget and how much other things they can buys etc. We all have bacon and cheese toasty rolls for breaky - i have the good fortune to pick up fresh bread from Woolies on the way out of the shopping centre of an evening @ half the price. Even with working full time and three busy teenagers we manage to live the cheapskates way. Thank you for all the different info. Vicky Beths


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