19 March 2013

25 Strategies to Stretch Your Money - No. 5 Ditch ATM Fees

By now it should be habit, but so many people continue to pay ATM fees, and they don’t need to.  They can easily stop wasting that money ($1.5-  $2 a pop!).

Refuse to pay service fees at ATMs. Determine where your closest 2 cost-free ATMs are and then only use those. We are surrounded by ATMs, they are everywhere - in shopping centres, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, malls, even outside banks. Finding your bank's, or an affiliated bank's, shouldn't be difficult. There is no excuse for paying ATM fees, keep those service fees in your pocket rather than the banks’ till.

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  1. Or if you can't find an ATM of the right bank in a new area, use the supermarket. You don't even need to buy anything- just walk up to the checkout and tell them you'd like to withdraw some cash & they'll happily do it for you.


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