21 March 2013

MOO Gel Air Fresheners

Winter is coming, meaning windows and doors will be closed and heaters will be on. I love the fresh air flowing through our home during the warmer months, and to keep that fresh scent in the air I use air fresheners during the cold, gloomy and stuffy winter months.

I don't buy them however. I don't particularly like the artificial scents, and I'm not absolutely certain the ingredients in them are safe to have in our home, so I MOO them.

They are quick, easy, and cheap - so much cheaper than the bought ones. And they are safe to have in our home, using only natural and safe ingredients.

You will need:

2 sachets plain gelatine
1 cup boiling water
1 cup cold water
20 drops essential oil
1 tbsp salt
2 - 5 drops food colouring
1 glass container to hold your air freshener.

Step 1.  Dissolve the gelatine in the boiling water. I use a whisk for this, it's so much easier and ensures  the gelatine dissolves completely.

Step 2. Add the cup of cold water, the salt and the essential oil and whisk until the salt has dissolved.

Step 3. Pour into your container. I use a "You'll Love Coles" salsa jar because I like the shape and it's a good size. You can use any jar or dish you like. Obviously if your air freshener is going to be on display you'll want it to be attractive so look around the house, you are sure to have something you can use.

I use pure essential oils.  They cost more, but they are better quality so I use less of them. I tend to go for "fresh" scents like orange and lemon, use your favourite. You can also change the fragrance depending on how you feel - lavender is lovely in a bedroom for instance.

Food colouring is optional. No food colouring, you'll have clear air fresheners. I use the natural food colours I use in baking. Again they cost more, but I use less. You can skip the food colouring if you use coloured glass bowls or jars to hold your air freshener.

Salt. Salt is an essential ingredient, don't be tempted to leave it out. The salt acts as a preservative. No salt results very quickly in a mouldy, stinky mess in your jar. With salt, you'll have an air freshener for up to a month, depending on the weather and the strength of your essential oils (the fragrance fades over time, just as it does with the bought air fresheners).

That's it! Easy. Cheap. Safe.


  1. This really does sound interesting - i have allergies and cannot use 'artificial' 'smells' - some smell sooo dreadful ! And this way i can use my own essentail oils and change the smell/mix/colour - thank u so much - what a great idea - ps - salt - who'd thought!

  2. Thanks so much Cath ...commercial air fresheners trigger my asthma, I will try this tip


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