07 March 2013

MOO Super Strength Shower Cleaner

There are times when everyone's shower screen, tiles and base need cleaning. I wipe our showers over every day with a microfibre cloth, but every now and then they just need a really good scrub.  I'm not fond of scrubbing - it's hard work!

But I do like the showers to sparkle and shine, and I like to know they are clean, so I use this amazing shower cleaner.  It's a spray'n'wipe cleaner (truly!) and it shifts soap scum and built-up verdigris like nothing else. And it's so easy to MOO, is very frugal (costs about 50 cents to make) and you'll have the ingredients in your cupboards, so no need to buy anything special.

MOO Super Strength Shower Cleaner
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup dishwashing liquid

Step 1.
  Warm the vinegar in the microwave for 40 seconds.

Step 2.  Slowly stir in the dishwashing liquid, mixing until it is thoroughly combined with the vinegar.

Step 3.  Pour into a 500ml spray bottle.

To use: Spray showerscreen, tiles and base liberally with the Super Strength Shower Cleaner. Set your timer for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes wipe over with a wet cloth. The soap scum and grime will wipe away, no scrubbing needed. Rinse the shower with cool water and you're done!

It really works.

  Be sure to use full strength dishwashing liquid (I dilute mine 50:50 with water for dishes and general cleaning) and you can use the cheapest detergent you can find - I often pick up dishwashing detergent on sale at $2 shops just for making Super Strength Shower Cleaner.


  1. This sounds really good, will try it! However (and this is something I am always battling with) how do you reconcile the desire to keep the house as chemical-free as possible whilst also trying to save money? I never buy super-cheap dishwashing liquid as it has to be full of nasty chemicals, don't you think? I buy earth choice, which isn't the cheapest but at least is less harsh than super-cheap ones. I also find this problem when buying food eg I buy homebrand oats but isn't it better to buy organic (at 4 times the price!). How do you manage this? I am trying really hard now to get my home and my family as chemical free as possible, but it seems to come at a fairly big financial cost.

  2. Have you checked the ingredients on your dishwashing bottle? And then looked them up on their website, and on an independent search? You might be surprised at just how "safe" they are.

    Chemical free just isn't going to happen unless you use just filtered rain water - everything has a chemical base. The difference is the nasties as opposed to the reasonably safe chemicals and how you use them.

    The same goes for organic foods. There are some things you should only buy as organics (or grow your own), others, well the choice is yours.

    Frugal cleaning is easy - Cleaning with the Super Six and Cleaning with Vinegar will explain how to slash your cleaning bill.

    Feeding your family well, with good foods, some of them organic, doesn't have to cost a fortune. The same rules apply when shopping for organics and for anything else.

    The other thing that makes a big difference to an organic food bill is actually sticking to the correct portions - don't just eyeball it, measure them out. If you should get 12 serves from a packet of oats, make sure you get 12 - not 11 or 10, but 12. This is especially important with meat and poultry as they are a large portion of an organic food bill.

  3. I wanted to get renovation for my bathroom and I think your tips are gonna help me. But it's always a clash between budget and desire.

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  5. I use miracle spray for most of my cleaning, it's the BEST toilet cleaner I've ever tried !!!! even better than toilet bombs. Joy.


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