14 March 2013

MOO Vaporub

Winter is on it's way (although it may be a warm one if this heatwave doesn't end soon) and with winter come colds and flu, snuffly noses and chesty coughs. A common treatment to relieve the symptoms of these winter nasties is vaporub.

Vicks Vaporub is the brand we are all familiar with, and most of us have used it and could well have a jar of it in the medicine chest right now. But Vicks Vaporub (and the other commerical brands) contain some things that we really don't need to be using, especially on our children, such as turpentine and camphor set in a petroleum jelly base.

There's not denying the relief and comfort vaporub gives, so instead of using the commercial product, why not MOO it, using safe ingredients?  It's easy, so easy you'll wonder why you never thought to MOO it before.

You will need:

1/2 cup coconut oil
10 drops pure eucalyptus oil

Stir the eucalyptus oil into the coconut oil. Store it in a screw top jar.

To use: take a small amount of the vaporub and gently massage into the chest or throat.

Now this is a MOO, and it is made of safe to use ingredients, but the same cautions must be taken with it's use. It's for external use only, do not apply to the inside of or under your nose, don't eat it  or apply it to your mouth. Apart from the fact that the eucalyptus will burn, it is an oil based product which could end up in the lungs.


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  2. How long will this last? Does it set? I'm not familiar with coconut oil is all, apart from what we used to rub into our skin to get a tan back in the good old days not knowing about melanoma!

    1. It's the same stuff! Coconut oil has the advantage of being a solid at room temperature. You can whip it with a whisk or egg beater to make it very light and fluffy. This makes it beautifully soft and easy to massage into your skin, it is a wonderful moisturiser, and great on feet,elbows and knees.


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