18 March 2013

MOO Aftershave

If the men in your life use aftershave, they are sure to love any of these MOO aftershaves.

Simple Aftershave

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
1/2 cup water
1 tsp. cologne, more or less*

Step 1. Mix rubbing alcohol and water.

Step 2. Add your favourite cologne. Shake to mix.

Store in a clean bottle - recycle an empty aftershave bottle if you have one.

Note:  Use samples of your favourite cologne, like the little ones you collect from department stores, they are usually the right size.

Peppermint Fresh Aftershave

30ml peppermint essential oil
1 cup rubbing alcohol
1/2 cup witch hazel
30ml lavender essential oil
60ml glycerine
15ml eucalyptus essential oil
A clean, empty bottle

Step 1: Combine the rubbing alcohol, witch hazel and glycerine in a clean jar and shake hard to mix thoroughly.

Step 2: Add the essential oils in slowly, especially the lavender since you don't want to overdo it.

Step 3: Close the jar and shake thoroughly. Refrigerate the ingredients for three or four days and shake it about once a day.

Step 4: Your aftershave is ready. Remember to shake the bottle well before each use.

Bay West Indies Aftershave

2 cups of witch hazel 
30ml rum
zest from one organic orange
1 cinnamon stick
3-5 cloves
3-5 whole allspice
1/2 teaspoon glycerine 
1/2 teaspoon aloe vera 
25 drops Bay West Indies Essential Oil

Step 1.  Add the orange zest, cinnamon stick, cloves, allspice, glycerine and aloe vera to a 600ml jar.

Step 2. Add the rum.

Step 3. Add the witch hazel. Shake to combine.

Step 4. Add the 25 drops of Bay West Indies essential oil. Cover with a tight fitting lid and shake well to thoroughly combine all the ingredients. Place in the fridge and shake daily for 4 weeks.

Step 5. Once the aftershave has steeped for four weeks strain it through a coffee filter (you may need to repeat this a couple of times to get a clear aftershave). Store in dark, glass bottles (again, re-use empty aftershave bottles). This recipe makes enough to fill two 250ml bottles.

Note:  You can buy Bay West Indies essential oil online or at most health food shops. It is a very strong scent so add the suggested 25 drops and then test the fragrance. If it's not strong enough add another 5 drops and test again.

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