11 March 2013

Magical Easter Treasure Rocks

Easter is early this year, just a couple of weeks away.  While I love the idea of lots and lots of chocolate and hot cross buns and other Easter goodies, it's becoming a lot like Christmas - focus on the getting, not the giving.

So, with that in mind, these Treasure Rocks are a novel way to have some fun with the kids, without overdosing them on chocolate.

You will need:
Bicarb soda
White vinegar
An eye dropper or pipette
Treasures to hid in the rocks - small, individually wrapped chocolates or lollies, marbles, jewels - whatever you have

There are no specific quantities for this activity, it will depend on how many Treasure Rocks you want to make and their size.  Eyeball it - I started with 2 cups of bicarb and about 3 tablespoons cocoa (you don't need a lot, just enough to add some colour).

Step 1.  Combine the cocoa and bicarb soda in a large mixing bowl. Whisk it or sift it to get any lumps out.

Step 2. Add just enough water to make a stiff paste. Be careful, it's easy to add too much. You want the paste to be the consistency of  playdough, soft and pliable but not too runny, it needs to hold it's shape.

Step 3. Take some of the bicarb dough and flatten in slightly so you have a pocket to put the treasure in. Add the treasure and wrap the dough around it. Roll into a rough ball shape.

Step 4. Put the Treasure Rocks on a cake rack to dry.

To use them you can hide them around the house or garden (if it's dry) and let the kids hunt for them or you can simply have them as a table centrepiece ready for fun after Easter Sunday lunch.

When all the rocks have been found it's time to work the magic.

You'll need the white vinegar now - in a big bowl, or several smaller bowls if there are a few kids to entertain.  Give them all an eye dropper and let them choose a Treasure Rock.

To find the treasure they need to dissolve the rock by dropping vinegar on it and watching it fizz and disappear. The more vinegar they drop on their Treasure Rocks  the faster they fizz and the faster their treasure will appear.

For a really exciting bubble and fizz, drop the rocks into the bowl of vinegar, just be ready for a volcanic eruption!

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