27 January 2014

Basic Family Soap Recipe

***Thank you everyone for your kind (and some not so kind!) emails regarding this recipe. Please do some research before you choose to criticise - sustainable palm oil is readily available and is actually quite affordable.***

Here is a basic recipe I use for my family... it makes about 4kg of soap.

1kg Copha (Coconut Oil)
2kg Olive Oil
500g Palm Oil (Yellow Frymasta)
502g Lye (Caustic Soda)
1256g Water

Step 1. Using digital scales measure everything accurately. DO NOT substitute fats because lye/fat ratios are different for the various fats/oils.

Step 2.  Melt the fats together over a slow heat then take off stove.

Step 3.  Add lye to water, stirring in a well ventilated area. When both mixtures are about 60 degrees Celsius mix together using a stick mixer until trace. At this stage you can add colours, essential oils, other stuff if you want to.

Step 4.  Pour into moulds, leave for 24 hours then unmould and cut it into blocks.

This soap is ready to use in about 4 weeks.

NOTE: Only use stainless steel, ceramic and plastic.... the mixture will eat through aluminium.

Contributed by Rose, Kilmore

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