07 January 2014

Basic Ripple Cake

There was chatter in the forum before Christmas about Chocolate Ripple cakes, and then a friend brought one for dessert on Christmas night. My kids thought Santa had come again, they love Chocolate Ripple cake.  Hannah made one last night, which we'll have for dessert tonight, my choice for my birthday dinner.  I can hardly wait - yum!

Every now and then you need a spectacular dessert but if you are anything like me spectacular usually ends up being time consuming and expensive. This dessert is quick, easy, cheap and very, very spectacular.

Basic Ripple Cake

1 pkt plain, round biscuits (see variations for biscuits to use)
1 large bottle thickened cream
1 chocolate Flake

Beat the cream until very thick, almost butter. Then get a oval shaped plate/platter as you need  to make this cake directly onto the serving dish. Take each biscuit and spread a generous amount of cream onto it (flat side) . Stand each biscuit on it's side and push the next biscuit up against the first one on the platter firmly (but taking care not to squash all the cream out between them) and continue on doing this, one behind the other.

When you've used all biscuits, spread the remaining cream all over the entire biscuit log shape until the biscuits cannot be seen. Keep spreading it all over generously using up all the cream. Make sure you use a flat spatula and keep patting at the cream so that the cream forms peaks all over for a bit of a fancy finish. Now break the Flake up with your fingers and sprinkle it all over the cream.

Once finished, place the entire biscuit/cake into the fridge and leave it overnight. The biscuit goes really soft and absorbs the moisture from the cream. Then it's ready to serve.  To serve, cut the first slice on an angle. Eat this slice. Then cut each slice on an angle, showing stripes of biscuit and cream.

Variation 1: Chocolate Ripple Cake - use Chocolate Ripple biscuits

Variation 2: Black Forest Ripple Cake - use Chocolate Ripple Biscuits. Drain a can of cherries well and stir through half the cream. Use this mixture to join the biscuits. Spread the outside with remaining cream, sprinkle with broken Flake.

Variation 3: Ginger Ripple Cake - use Gingernut biscuits

Variation 4:  Aussie Ripple Cake - use Anzac biscuits. Drain a small can of crushed pineapple well. Stir through half the cream. Use this mixture to join the biscuits. Spread the remaining cream over the outside of the cake.

Variation 5: Butternut Ripple Cake - use Butternut Snap biscuits.

Variation 6: Yule Log - use Chocolate Ripple biscuits. Reserve one of each colour and then roughly chop the remaining packet of mixed colour glace cherries and stir through half the whipped cream with 1/4 cup fruit mince. Use this mixture to join the biscuits. Spread the outside of the log with the remaining cream. Sprinkle the top and sides with the crumbled Flake. Arrange the whole glace cherries on the top of the Yule Log.

Note:  Generic versions of all biscuits can be used successfully.  This cake is very rich so cut into thin slices.

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  1. Love this cake.... so easy sooooo yummy and always so special. Thanks for the variations. The other thing is .. I had one in the freezer as plans changed after I had made it and thanks to advice from Anne I used it without hesitation about 3 weeks later and it was still great. This has become our "special treat/birthday/ event/ take a plate "cake. Cheers


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