20 January 2014

Filing Spare Buttons Keeps the Button Box Tidy

Approximate $ Savings: $1.00 - $100.00

When your old shirt or other clothing item finally wears out, and you are about to cut it up for rag rugs (of course!), carefully snip those buttons off, and with a needle and thread, just tack them to an old birthday card or similar. Not only can you easily choose the size and colour of button you need for your next project, but you can see at a glance whether you have enough of that particular button for the job, without spending ages sorting through the button box. Now you can 'file' your buttons according to size, or colour or whatever in a filing box (that's an old shoe box). When the kids are bored, you can set them to sorting out the buttons already mixed up in the button box, and tacking them to cards, too.
Contributed by Wendy, Macgregor

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