26 January 2014

Composting: A Great Way to Save Money in the Garden and Go Green

Years ago, every backyard had a compost bin. The sole purpose of the compost bin was to fertilize soil for growing a vegetable garden. Today, however, composting has many other benefits besides using it for growing a garden.

When you add table scraps and food remnants from cooking to your compost, you create a rich fertilizer for the soil. Not only does using compost provide all-important nutrients to the soil, it also provides a base for moisture retention in the soil once it is fertilized.

Another benefit of using compost is the fact that when you do, you contribute to recycling in a major way. Scraps of food, eggshells, tomato seeds, coffee grounds and even banana peels are all items that typically wind up in the garbage. Whatever lands in the garbage, thereafter, winds up in a landfill somewhere. As the population grows, so do the landfills.

Many landfills have actually closed, as they are too full to contain any more waste. By composting, you are greatly contributing to the environment in such a way that it leaves more space within the landfills.

Studies have most recently shown that plant disease is significantly reduced when household compost is used in gardening. All that natural material breaks down and regenerates the soil. Once the soil is aerated and regenerated, it reduces the risk of plant disease.

Using natural compost avoids the necessity of using chemical fertilizers or moisturizers added to your soil. By using food waste from the house as well as leaves, wood ash, and grass you are contributing to a healthy, green environment.

Not only are food scraps from the table valuable to composting, but so are things found in nature as well. Grass clippings, plants and shrubs, eggshells, banana peels and fruit and vegetable leftovers are all excellent ways to fertilize and moisturize the soil in which you intend to grow your garden.

Knowing that your garden is grown using organic materials that are chemical free is also a bonus for you and your family. Not only are you providing a safe way to fertilize the soil, which is the very foundation of your garden, for your family, you are also making a major contribution to earth by going green.

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