30 January 2014

The Cold Water Bottle

With the uncomfortable hot weather that we have been enduring lately in Victoria I have resorted to my old trick of regularly freezing plastic soft-drink or cordial bottles filled with water. Once frozen I wrap the bottle in a tea-towel or even place it in a hand-made hot-water bottle cover. I take my cold-water bottle to bed to keep cool. You need to make sure that you wrap the bottle properly otherwise your bed sheets can end up a little damp. By doing this I essentially create the opposite to a hot water bottle. It beats paying large amounts of money for the air-conditioner to be left on for hours at a time. The beauty of this hint is that in the morning you can just put the bottle back in the freeze and it should be ready for bedtime, there's no need to waste water. I have survived the summer heat using this hint for years now, it certainly makes bed-time more comfortable.
Contributed by Natasha, Broadmeadows

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