13 January 2014

Craft in a Jar/Basket/Bag

It's not too early to start planning and collecting gifts for birthdays and Christmas 2014 and  using this idea you could give beautiful gifts that haven't cost you a cent, especially if you live by the motto “she who dies with the most fabric wins” and have a huge stash of fabric and other craft supplies that you never use.

Go through your stash and make up Craft in a Basket (or box/jar/bag - whatever you have on hand) kits to give as gifts.

You've already bought the materials for these gifts so you're saving by not buying a gift and you're going to feel so good when that craft stash has been sorted out. If you have friends and family that are crafters they'll love this gift.

Some ideas would be a pattern, threads and cloth for a cross-stitch basket.

Fabric squares, thread and instructions for a mini-quilt kit.

Papers, stencils, layout guides and gel pens for a scrapbooking kit.

Knitting needles, yarn and a pattern for a knitted dishcloth/soap sack/scarf/coat hanger/tea cosy or whatever.

Beading kits – beads, wire or thread, needle, clasps, small pliers, instructions.

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