24 January 2014

Let the Manufacturer Know if the Goods You Buy Aren't up to Scratch

Have you ever opened a nice soft cheese or focaccia bread that was mouldy long before its use by date? Or opened a cup-a-soup packet to find the contents of the sachets spilt inside the box? Don't take it back to the supermarket, ring the complaints/information number and let the company know directly. They will send you a voucher for Coles, Safeway, etc for much more than the value or the product. All the supermarket will do is refund you the purchase price or give you another of the same product. I received 7 packets of mountain bread for 1 faulty pack and I received a $10 Coles voucher for a mouldy camembert that only cost $3-4.
Contributed by Naomi, Geelong

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