11 August 2017

Cath's Meal Plan 13th - 19th August 2017

Lemon Chicken and Parmesan Rissoles from Debt Free Cashed Up and Laughing, a tasty way to add rissoles to the meal plan without being boring. Click through for the recipe.
Lemon Chicken & Parmesan Rissoles
Chicken fillets have been very cheap here lately so of course I took advantage and stocked the freezer. For the Lemon Chicken & Parmesan Rissoles (which are so good) I whizzed two chicken fillets to mince rather than buying it especially for this recipe.

We get bored if we eat the same thing all the time so I like to mix it up a little every now and then, so on Wednesday we are having our own version of Yum Cha with homemade spring rolls, dim sims, samosas and salad, just for something a bit different.

This week we will be eating:

Sunday: Roast Lamb

Monday: Lemon Chicken  & Parmesan Rissoles, veggies, gravy

Tuesday: Mushroom & Parmesan Risotto

Wednesday: Finger food– spring rolls, dim sims, samosas, salad

Thursday: MOO Pizza

Friday: Frugal Haystacks

Saturday: Homemade Subs

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