27 August 2017

The Week that Was 27th August 2017

The week that was debt free, cashed up and laughing....click through sit back with a cuppa and catch up
The week that was....sit back with a cuppa and catch up
A busy week and a very happy and productive one too. I love working around our home, it's something I really enjoy. I even like mopping the floors and scrubbing the bathrooms, and this week I did those chores and more.

I've just calculated that by pottering around our home and doing the dreaded-by-some housework I keep approximately $200 a week in our bank account. The housework didn't include the ironing. We don't have much, about an hour a week, but even so, by doing it myself our bank account keeps $25 a week. Doing the gardening, something else I really enjoy, keeps another $80 a week in our bank account!


It's been a while since I did the sums, but it really pays to spend a few minutes each day (about eight hours a week all up) to not spend $305! I'd have to work approximately 20 hours to earn that money (on minimum wage rates); by doing those chores myself the hourly rate is $38, more than double minimum wage. I'm so grateful to be blessed with the health, strength and motivation to be able to do this.

We've had visitors since Wednesday, so the house has been full of laughing and chatting and tea drinking and cake eating people and I've had a ball looking after everyone.

So here's how I saved us money, time and energy this week:

*Cashed in the money box on my desk and added $158.50 to our savings account. Those 5c, 10c, and 20c coins add up quickly.

*Dried the washing outside, in the sunshine and wind, two days. I almost forgot to get it in, I'm out of the habit as I've been using the clotheshorses next to the fire over winter.

*Juiced more lemons and froze the juice.

*Baked for our visitors and the weekend.

*Spent a lovely day with Wendy and Carol on Tuesday, making cards. I was able to put together two bags of cards to go to two different charities, 100 cards in one bag and 40 in the other.

*Gratefully accepted some craft supplies from a friend who no longer needs them.

*Very gratefully accepted some stamps for the Crafty Mums Co-op from a friend whose mother no longer needs them.

*Picked up another Moccona jar for 20c and a crystal ring stand for $1. I've been looking for the ring stand for a few weeks to finish off a Christmas gift.

*Used some yarn that was given to me to knit a tea cosy for a Christmas gift.

*Downloaded some vintage style pattern cover images to use as transfers on grocery bags. These will be Christmas gifts. I'm using transfer paper we were given, and the bags were 60 cents each on a mark-down table at Lincraft a few months ago.

*Spent a fun day working in the tea room at the AMRA exhibition, making cups of tea and coffee and keeping the workers fed and watered. Had a free lunch and lots of delicious coffee.

*Gratefully accepted leftover roast beef, roast chicken, corn, peas, baked potatoes, gravy and cheesecake. There is enough for four full roast dinners for our family, and 12 roast beef or roast chicken rolls with gravy for lunches or quick dinners. I've estimated not spending $210 and moved that from the grocery budget to the slush fund.

Still no photos folks, but as soon as I can get them uploaded I will.

What did you do to save money, time and energy this week?

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  1. Thanks for the motivation, Cath! I'd been putting off scrubbing our shower but yesterday I thought like you and decided to love cleaning the bathroom, it worked quite well! Thanks again.


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