06 August 2017

The week that was 6th August 2017

Do you remember the John Denver song Some Days are Diamond?

Well this week, in our house, some days were diamond and some really were stone. Thankfully diamonds sparkle and make even the dullest, darkest spot bright with just a little light. One of the diamonds was when Wayne surprised me with a beautiful flower arrangement. I love flowers in the house, and in winter I'm usually happy with the silk and dried arrangements, but I crave fresh flowers. Wayne knows this and he knows what the week was like, so he brought me home this gorgeous surprise. Just because. How sweet is that?
Pretty flowers were a surprise from my darling this week
This week we saved money, time and energy by:
Handmade birthday cards - shabby chic and lollipop styles
Sending handmade cards and presents for a birthday.

Drying the washing on the clothesline on the sunny days, and by the fire on Thursday and Friday when it was cold and wet.

Kept the fire going and the ducted heating off. It hasn't been on at all this winter and the gas bill is showing this. The gas budget is in the black, I will be able to move some of it to the Emergency Fund soon.

Cooking all our meals at home, from scratch, using food we had on hand.

Saving the water from the showers and tipping it into the washing machine.

Picking a few more mandarins from the fruit tree.

Using lemons we were given to make cordial and lemon butter, then putting the lemons in the dishwasher to clean it.
MOO Six Minute Lemon Butter Quick economical frugal and easy this lemon butter recipe is in the Cheapskates Club Recipe File
MOO Six Minute Lemon Butter
Split a box of cream with a man at NQR. The box of 12 x 600ml was $5, and I didn't have enough room in the freezer for 12 bottles so we went halves. It's amazing what can happen when you speak to people in shops, on the street, at the doctor, wherever you are. If you don't speak up you may miss out on something great, as the man at NQR and I would have.

Hannah picked up an Easiyo thermos for $2 from a new op shop - ADRA in Boronia. She was so excited to finally find one, and even more excited at the price. Then we spent a few minutes explaining what it was and how to use it to make the best ever yoghurt to the women in the store - two didn't know you could make yoghurt and one didn't know it was so easy!

Started to put together the gifts I've been making. We have lots of birthdays between now and the end of the year and of course Christmas. Right after Christmas we have five family birthdays and our wedding anniversary - a very busy time present wise.

Added some Dove soap/not soap to my gift stash. Terry White Chemists have it on sale for 99 cents, but The Reject Shop (which is right next door at our shopping centre) has it for 90 cents a bar. I added five to the present box to go with the knitted soap sacks and trimmed face washers I've been making.
Knitted face cloth, crochet trimmed face washer, knitted soap sack, hand towel with crochet trim and topper
Made a hand towel with a crocheted topper for the present box.

What did  you do to save money, time and energy this week?

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