02 August 2017

It's a no shopping month for me!

My pantry is full. My freezers are full. The fridge is almost full.

There is food in abundance, in the form of ingredients, just waiting to be  turned into delicious meals and snacks for us, so, apart from milk, eggs, butter and cheese, which I will buy tomorrow from Aldi, I won't be grocery shopping during August.

Tomorrow I'll be buying:
3 x 1kg blocks tasty cheese from Aldi
2 x 500g blocks of butter from Aldi
2 x 500g spreadable butter from Aldi
8 x 3L bottles of milk from Aldi
2 dozen eggs from Aldi

And that will be that, barring any unforeseen food emergencies. The budget is $100 (our 2016 grocery budget), more than enough to cover my shopping list and with a little left to cover those "food emergencies" if they happen. If they don't the slush fund will get a boost at the end of the month.

I won't be buying any cleaning products or toiletries (the stockpile is well stocked with these items).

Towards the end of the month I'll start to pick lettuce and silverbeet from the garden. The leaves will be small, but the more they're picked the longer they last and will be a nice fresh boost to our meals.

The orange and mandarin trees will have more fruit to pick for the fruit bowl.

There is yeast and plenty of bread flour for bread and rolls; the bread maker will be getting a good workout.

Breakfasts will be:
Ground rice porridge
All Bran
Toast with jam, lemon butter, Vegemite or peanut butter
Pancakes with syrup or jam or honey
Stewed fruit
Toasted cornbread with fruit
Lunches will be:
Sandwiches or rolls - tuna, Vegemite, peanut butter, egg, ham
Impossible quiche
Sausage rolls
Cornbread muffins
Fresh or tinned fruit

Dinner will be as per my meal plan for the month.

Snacks will be:
Fruit cakes
Cup cakes
Pita chips and dip
Yoghurt and fruit
Fruit will be:
Tinned fruit salad

Drinks will be:
Hot Chocolate Drink Mix
Lemon cordial
Orange cordial
Ginger beer

We have visitors two weekends this month, boosting our family to nine one weekend and seven the next.

The remaining $220 from the grocery budget will be split, half to the slush fund and half to buy seeds, veggie mix and, if there is some left, some seedlings to give the summer veggie garden a boost.

Well that's my plan. I'm trusting that it will work and August will be a great month for not buying groceries.

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