14 August 2017

Where I Shop

Where I shop to get the best value for my grocery budget dollar. Click through to see where I do my grocery shopping the Cheapskates way
Where I shop
Jilly emailed and asked me if I stuck to the same supermarkets for my shopping or if I divided it up between others, and she asked if I shopped around for groceries like I do for other things.

The short answer is I am not supermarket (or brand) loyal, I shop where I'll get the best value for my dollars, and yes, I do shop around between supermarkets, butchers, greengrocers, wholesale outlets and even suburbs.

If I have to go out of my suburb for shopping, I combine the trip with other errands to make it money, time and energy friendly. Often just going to a supermarket a couple of suburbs away can save money on grocery items.

Where we live we are blessed with all the major supermarkets within just a few minutes. We have Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Aldi and Foodworks within a 10 minute drive, so shopping around the supermarkets for the best specials is easy.

We also have four excellent greengrocers and two fantastic butchers close by.

If I choose to travel about 15 minutes I have another excellent butcher and a great market.

Travel 20 minutes and I have Dandenong Market on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, where the fruit and veg are excellent quality and price. The market is great too for clothing and household items.

But for a normal month, here's where I shop:

For groceries (in order):

Food Factory Sales (SPC Outlet), Bayswater
Reject Shop

Specialty Herbs & Spices in bulk:

Hindustan Imports, Dandenong

For Meat:

Australian Butcher, Boronia
Farmer Joe's Boronia
Tasman, Mt. Waverley

For fruit and veg:

Pellegrino's, Wantirna South
Farmer Joe's, Boronia

For bulk wholefoods:

The Full Pantry, Croydon

For toiletries:

then Coles, Woolworths, Priceline or Chemist Warehouse depending on what is on sale and the best price

For bulk cleaning supplies:

Aurora Cleaning Supplies, Dandenong South
FGB Natural Products (Bosisto's)

These are the places most likely to get my shopping dollars. Of course it all depends on what I need and what price it is when I need it. Occasionally there will be exceptional prices at a store/outlet I wouldn't normally shop at, but I do for super special prices.

I tend to shop around, and I do travel out of our local area for great specials, but they need to be cheap enough to make it worthwhile (cover the cost of petrol and extra time as well as being cheaper).

I also try to combine as many errands as possible into each trip to save money, time and energy.

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  1. Dear Cath, You do just what Laine does! I have recently started doing the same. It can involve going to a lot of places but as you say it can be combined with other errands and appointments etc and just going to what is near where you have to be anyway. This is saving me a lot and my list of shops is still increasing as I have still found a couple more that are really worthwhile. I also couldnt care less about the name on the packet. Much of the time the same goods are in another less fancy packet! Right now I have to go to the post office... and coles ins next door so I look at the markdowns and specials while I am right there. Often it is the mark downs that are the best! Have a good week, with love, Annabel.xxx


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