12 December 2009

Tip of the Day 12 December 2009

A Fun Way to Start a Christmas Party

Approximate $ Savings: $20 is a cheap Christmas present

My children taught me this method of making Christmas cheap and fun. Every guest brings a gift worth $20 which is placed under the tree and then they receive a number. When everybody has arrived, draw the numbers out of a hat. The first person chooses a gift from under the tree and has to open it, then the second person drawn can either choose from under the tree or the one gift that has already been opened. If you lose your gift you get to choose either from under the tree or from one of the other opened gifts. We have played this game for a few years and every body seems to enjoy it especially if you are one of the last numbers drawn. It is fun and only $20 per person it is really quite reasonable.

Contributed by Maggie, Holt

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