03 December 2009

Tip of the Day 3 December 2009

Lolly Topiary Trees

These are sold in Target and the large ones I looked at were $24.95 each.

I bought a terracotta pot for $1. I hunted round the back yard for a strong, rustic looking twig to use as the stem. I stuck the stem in the pot using 15-minute quick set cement, because we had some in the garage. You could use plaster. When it was set and the stem was firm I sprayed the pot and stem gold. Then I stuck a large foam ball ($2.00 from the market) onto the top of the stem. The most expensive part of this decoration was the lollies. I chose to use Columbines because of the pretty colours. The topiaries I saw in target were covered in silver and green wrapped toffees. I just stuck the toffees to the foam fall with a little blob of blu-tack until it was completely covered. It looks like it has blue and purple flowers all over it.

I’m going to sit this on our lamp table and let visitors pull off a toffee to have with their coffee. I can easily replace the missing sweets until Christmas to keep it looking good. I estimate that it will have cost less than $10 by Christmas, even with replacing the lollies.

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