23 December 2009

Free Christmas Eve Fun

Christmas activities can be very expensive but there are plenty of things you can do that won't cost a small fortune and many of them are even free so if you've been wondering what you can do with your family tomorrow night here are a couple of totally free ideas.

A great way to tire out excited little ones on Christmas Eve is to wait until dusk and then take them for a walk around your local area to see the Christmas lights. It's much more exciting to be walking in the dark and the lights and displays are just lovely. Children are entranced and grown-ups are thrilled by their excitement. And after an hour or so of walking around they are well and truly ready for bed so Santa can visit.

If you aren't up to fighting the mozzies to see the lights, have your very own carols by candlelight concert at home. You can watch the carols on TV (Channel 9 show the Christmas Eve carol concert from Melbourne) or you can put on a CD and sing along. Turn the lights out and give the kids a torch each (safer than candles for little ones) and have some fun. The singing and the candlelight will relax them and put them off to sleep, but not before they've left a slice of cake and a glass of milk for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer!

And some fun for mum and dad: sprinkle some chocolate coated sultanas around the base of the Christmas tree (not where it can be walked into the floor) or on the front verandah - instant reindeer poop! What better way to prove Santa really did come on Christmas Eve than a little gift from Rudolph!

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