22 December 2009

Mini Christmas Puddings

If you are looking for a way to use up leftover Christmas cake or pudding (and there's bound to be leftovers after Christmas dinner) or a way to use up a not-so-nice cake or pudding, then these mini Christmas puddings are just the thing. Make them bite size and serve them on a plate with a dish of whipped cream or thick custard for dipping.

Mini Christmas Puddings

A cheap Christmas pudding or fruitcake
icing sugar
lolly snakes

Crumble the pudding or cake in a bowl. Add a small amount of brandy at a time and mix up until you have a playdough consistency. Roll into balls the size of a 10 or 20-cent piece. With a teaspoon dribble some icing on each ball to look like custard. Cut up some red and green snakes to look like holly leaves and berries and place on top of each "pudding". This is so quick and easy and you can even involve the kids. If the kids are too young to help - keep them amused with the leftover orange and yellow snakes.

Contributed by Emmalee, St. Kilda East

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