22 June 2010

$2 Dinner Tuesday - Feed the Family with Six Burgers

In these times of making the most of every dollar I spend when I shop, I have had to make some changes to my family's eating habits. My family love rissoles and hamburgers for dinner but to buy them from the supermarket costs me $4.00 for six burgers. The kids are fussy about eating veggies and burgers on their own just aren't enough for growing bones so I came up with an idea that has added a heap of hidden healthy ingredients and increased the size of my meal by more than double. I have just made my six burgers into seventeen by following these really simple and extra healthy steps. My youngest still eats mashed veggies, so I mashed up the six ready made burgers back into a mince, mix in an egg, some wholemeal flour and wholegrain breadcrumbs, a couple of cups of grated cheese and four generous scoops of the mashed veggie mix then season to taste. I then re-roll the mixture into burgers, coating them lightly with the breadcrumbs and cooking them. Now my girls have a burger with some sauce in a wholemeal bun, but hidden within the burger is up to eight different veggies, eggs, cheese and of course lots of fibre. The added bonus to this recipe is that all the family can enjoy burgers because now there are seventeen to share rather than six! My husband loves them in some bread (he is a self confessed meataholic - never, ever eats veggies!), I enjoy them with some sautéed veggies and gravy on the side. All in all, I have increased the amount of food on the table, increased the nutritional value and fed a family of four with no leftovers! My meal just cost us approximately $2 per person and we are all stuffed full. 

Contributed by Charisa, Pooraka

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