12 June 2010

Rotating the Mag Stash

I like to read gardening, lifestyle and food magazines and over the past five years I have managed to collect sixty or more. They were just collecting dust in a box in the shed. Instead of continuing to buy more magazines I decided to sort the ones I had into the month the were issued i.e. January through to December. At the beginning of each month I get out a new pile of magazines and put the previous months at the bottom of the pile for next year. So far it is working great. I haven't bought any new magazines in the past six months, all the gardening articles are appropriate for the time of year as are the recipes for using in season vegetables. Where I have two gardening magazines in the same month you would be surprised to notice that many of the articles are very, very similar. I have also included all our old phantom comics into the mix which keeps my hubby and father-in-law happy. Happy reading!  - Contributed by  Katherine, Allens Rivulet, 5th February 2009

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