23 June 2010

It's sale time

It's the end of the financial year and the sales are on. With only a few days to go until the end of the financial year, now is a great time to be buying those big ticket items such as cars, furniture, whitegoods and electronics. You'll pick up some great deals off the catalogues but you can do better if you try these simple steps:

1.Know what you want - do your research before you hit the shops.
2.Know how much you are prepared to spend - and don't forget that is your absolute upper limit.
3.Don't be afraid to ask the question "Is this your best price?" - if you don't ask, you won't get.
4.Always be polite and friendly - the sales people are only doing the job they are paid to do.
5.Value add - if you can't shift the price, ask for free extended warranty, delivery, upgrades etc
6.Be prepared to haggle - ask for a cash discount if you have cash, a seniors discount if you are a senior etc

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