30 June 2010

It's the End of the Financial Year

And time to check your Spending Plan.  If you think you can't stick to a Spending Plan, you are wrong. You can, when you have the right Spending Plan. A good Spending Plan is like a map. It shows you where you are headed and where you take a wrong turn and how to get back on track. To plan the best route though you need to know exactly where you are now. To do this you need to know how much you are spending and on what so start tracking. Jot down all your spending for the next month, the lotto ticket, the coffee, that newspaper, the groceries, petrol, rent or mortgage payments, chemist bills - every time you spend money, either by card or cash, record it. At the end of the month you'll have a very clear picture of where you are headed. Try to trim the expenses that are not that important to you and be flexible.  A Spending Plan is meant to change with your lifestyle and circumstances.

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