24 June 2010

Toothpaste - Not Just for Teeth

Want to remove a stain without damaging the smooth surface of furniture and benchtops? Use toothpaste. The extra mild abrasives in toothpaste remove stains without scratching the surface. I have used toothpaste to remove stains on kitchen benchtops and in the bathroom handbasin. It also works on small rust stains. Toothpaste is great for cleaning white leather - your joggers will come up like new. Simply rub a dab into the stain for about 30 seconds and wipe it away.

So what do you use toothpaste for?


  1. Toothpaste makes a fabulous hole stack for tinny picture nail holes in the walls. I've used it to "bog" up all sorts of little nicks in my walls and it works a treat.

  2. Rub toothpaste on a badge to get it bright and shiny. We used to do this when heading off to Girl Guides in the 'olden days' !! It comes up a treat.

    Old Girl Friday, May 9, 2014

  3. Believe it or not, at the school where I was teaching we had a small tube of toothpaste in our first aid bags that teachers carried while on playground duty. It was used to rub on green ant bites. When a lot of items in school first aid kits were deemed by Education Qld to be dangerous due to possible allergies and reactions, Stingose was banned so it was replaced by toothpaste! Worked well.


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