26 June 2010

Don`t be the First on the Bandwagon

A great way to save money is to delay trends. The media is great at hyping movies, CDs etc. that really may not be very good. Wait a while - use this time to read reputable reviews and make up your own mind. This can save you loads of money. For example, I did not read any of the Twilight books when they first came out: I waited until they were available at the library (even if I reserved them the most I would pay is $8). Considering that they retail for at least $20 each, this give me a net profit of $72. Similarly, I could rent the Twilight movies from the library (if I reserved them - $4) and as they retail for approximately $30, this has given me a net profit of $56. Think about it - this saves heaps of shelf space and you do eventually get to see it/read it...just a little later! 

Contributed by Ruth Shanahan

1 comment:

  1. Do you have to pay to reserve items @ the Library? Where do you live?


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