28 June 2010

The Golden rule for furniture care

I love antiques and have collected some  beautiful, old pieces of furniture over the years (the rest of our furniture is just plain old, we have three kids), so taking care of them properly, to keep them in tip top shape and protect their value (monetary and sentimental) is important.  The golden rule of antiques is do as little as possible to the original construction and finish of an item.  Tempting though it is to strip and re-finish that table or chest of drawers, or reupholster that chair, by doing so you can drastically reduce the value of the item and even damage it beyond repair, making it totally worthless. The same rule applies to all your furniture. Before you attack it in the hope of restoring it to it's original glory, no matter how old it is, stop and think about the original appearance, finish  and construction. If you are not sure how to look after your furniture, seek professional advice, it will be worth your time and effort. You'll still be able to restore it yourself, but you'll be doing the job properly and really caring for your furniture.

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