15 June 2010

Multi Cooking for One

I spent many frustrated evenings trying to convert recipes from four serves to one. I would shop and end up with food not all used and getting thrown out at the end of the week. Such a waste of money. I researched the library and book shops to buy a book of recipes for one and there are not many on the market or a huge variety. I decided I had to find a way to save money, time, waste and still have delicious meals. Now I find recipes I really like that are four serves and I shop and cook for four. I have one meal that night and freeze the other three for the next three weeks. Now I have no food wastage, I have a collection of different meals in the freezer which can be rotated and a choice of what I feel like that night. My shopping bill has lowered because of no waste and my meal choice has increased up to a month at a time. I am collecting favourite recipes to add to my collection to give me a variety of choices so I don't get sick of the same meal two nights in a row, just to use up ingredients and I have no dollars going into the bin. My shopping list is now food that is all used and I save about $25 a week sometimes more by not throwing things out. I also spend much less time in the kitchen cooking. When I have a day where I am completely exhausted I go to the freezer and choose a meal from my collection and use my precious extra time having a soak in the bath or reading a good book. Multi cooking is definitely the way to go for singles.

Contributed by Emma Price


  1. That's the only way to cook for one.
    When my sons came home for a few months (more than six) I really resented that because of them eating the other two serves at diner each night, I no longer had leftovers to freeze and have as no cook nights.
    Do not get me wrong. I loved having my boys home. But I so missed not having to cook every night as a result. I had to rethink and find meals that were for 6 people so that I had some in the freezer, at least for lunches.

    1. Pat, you've made me smile. I just hate missing out on putting a meal into the freezer for a cooking-free night. I love my boys too, but if I'm not quick then food just vanishes in the blink of an eye, so I understand how you feel.

  2. I do a lot of batch-cooking too, but I always feel a bit bad if I use the frozen meals for a home dinner. I keep them for work or uni days (which sometimes need two meals if I have an evening commitment that I go directly to). My idea of a lazy home dinner is boiling some frozen veg, possibly without bothering to add anything else - just lots of veg!


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