25 March 2011

Bag it in Order

When you pack your groceries at the supermarket, pack them in order. Keep all the fridge items together in the cooler bag, all the freezer items together, produce in another bag, bathroom items together etc. If the teller is going to be packing the groceries for you, unpack the trolley onto the conveyor in the order you want the bags packed. This saves a lot of time when you are unpacking. You can pack straight from the bags into the right storage area, without having to go back and forth.

1 comment:

  1. I have always done this - I separate the things as I put them on the belt but watch as the operator takes things form wherever so I have to reaarcge the bags - gradually get soemone trained in our local store and they move on! lol! These days use self checkout so is easier - but hubby thinks it is a waste of time so gets annoyed! But so much easier


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