25 March 2011

Friday Fun

I can't believe it's Friday already! This week has just flown. Today is my swish n swipe day for the whole house and deep cleaning day for Hannah's room. It was easy to do this morning - she has been home sick most of the week, tucked up in bed. Can't get any easier than running a duster over the furniture and the vacuum over the floor. I did spend about 20 minutes on Monday morning putting away some clean washing (she usually does it but as she wasn't feeling well I thought I'd be nice and do it for her) and tidying the few things she left out. It didn't take long and made me feel better about the state of the room. I know, I know, OCD, but I like our home to be nice always and if I can get it the way we like it in just a few minutes then I am happy.

It is so much easier to do the little jobs as soon as they crop up - putting away the washing, taking the recycling straight to the bin, wiping a fingerprint off a door, straightening the sofa cushions and throws before bed - than it is to leave them until they turn into a huge task that takes hours.

Honestly, it is taking me less and less time to keep our home clean and tidy because I do everything regularly. By breaking the housework down to rooms and allocating each room a day I know the whole house is cleaned top to bottom every week and in under an hour a day. That may seem like a lot of time - 5 hours a week to clean our home - but that includes doing a load of washing and putting it out and the daily maintenance type chores (sweeping the kitchen floor, dishes, bed making etc). It is really easy to be a housewife when I know that by 10am I am finished my "work" and have the rest of the day to myself (and Cheapskates).

I have pea pods on the sugar snap peas and little baby silverbeet too. The lettuce are ready to start pulling the leaves off as we need them so they'll be a good addition to our salads. Plain old iceberg lettuce were only $1.96 each yesterday but they were awful, all brown spots and they'd had the nice dark green leaves pulled off too. Those dark green leaves are full of good things and we should be eating them, not throwing them away. They are nice if you wash and dry them then tear them up into a bowl, add some thinly sliced red onion and cucumber and toss with oil and vinegar.

I am just waiting for the next load of washing to finish to put it over the clotheshorse. The rain I've been expecting all week finally arrived last night.  Once that is done I'm going to be doing some scrapbooking. I think it's about time our wedding photos were properly displayed, we've only been married 22 years.  It's not that I haven't wanted to do it before now, life just seemed to get in the way. 

After lunch I think I'll put a couple of Impossible Pies in the oven for lunch tomorrow. They'll be nice cold with salad as long as the food fairies don't hit the fridge during the night :) While the oven is on a chocolate cake is in order and the last of the pita bread can be dried to use for dipping into hummus and tzatziki. Yum! Not much in the way of cooking today, we have plenty on hand and no visitors planned for meals this weekend, means I can have an easy Friday rather than a flat out one.

The postman has just delivered a parcel I've been waiting for. Three huge balls of cotton, one baby blue, one a lovely cherry red and one a red and tan stripe. The cherry and striped yarns are for dishcloths. The blue is for some bath mitts. I found a very simple pattern online and can't wait to get started, probably later this evening. The baths mitts I've seen in the shops are very rough and coarse, meant for exfoliating, but they are too harsh for Hannah's fragile skin. I'm hoping a nice soft cotton mitt will make her life a bit more pleasant.

The washing machine has beeped and that's my signal to get off the computer and start scrapbooking.

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