10 March 2011

Matching Sheet Sets Easy to Find

Do you get frustrated looking for matching sheets, pillow slips etc? Here's an idea, once you have striped the bed and washed your bedding fold the two sheets, and put them all folded together inside the pillow slip. Next time you are looking for a matching set - it will all be together and you can see it at a glance in your Linen Cupboard. Same applies for doona covers, put the whole set inside the matching pillow slip - easy as !!
Contributed by Kellie


  1. Better still, don't bother with matching sheet sets. I buy individual sheets, flat and fitted, as well as pillow cases all in plain, bright, jewel colours and just mix it up. Pillow Talk have their own good quality brand at reasonable prices. With sets the fitted sheet always wears out first leaving you with the top sheet and pillow cases left over but with individual pieces I just replace the flat sheet. I love the look of mismatched, bright colours. I might have a blue bottom sheet, a pink top sheet and one green and one purple pillowcase. Not the look for everyone but, If you do want it to all match, just buy all the pieces in the same colour.

  2. I bundle my matching sheet sets and pillowcases together and tie them with an array of pretty ribbons. My linen cupboard is neat, I can find what I need instantly and I never thought I would say this, but my linen cupboard looks so pretty with all those neat bundles tied with pretty ribbons, it is actually a pleasure to look at it!

  3. I agree with Ruth, what's the big deal about matching sheets?
    Lily B still living in a Sthn suburb of Perth, WA where we've had more rain in these last two days than from the start of the year - if you get my drift~


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