14 March 2011

Scrapbooking Tips and Money Savers

Approximate $ Savings: $0.50 - $20.00

Scrapbooking is an addictive and rewarding hobby, but it has a tendency to be pricey, something I couldn't justify as a single parent. Instead of giving up I started to source my own embellishments and supplies from a wide variety of unusual places.

• Op Shops have been a gold mine for me - check their craft section, they usually have a plethora of interesting items.

• Second-hand Books - it took me a while, but I've warmed to the idea of cutting up worn books with interesting pictures/borders/fonts/etc, they can be found at Op Shops, Garage Sales, Library Sales and sourced from friends and family.

• Craft Stores - take advantage of VIP sales, end of season and store damaged stock.

• Discount Stores - many of these stores now stock a scrapbooking selection.

• Finally don't forget to keep your eyes open during everyday travels! Everything from gift wrap to the spare buttons that came with your new shirt can add visual interest to your scrapbooking.

Contributed by Jessica

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