11 March 2011

Cheap food may be unhealthy, but healthy food can be cheap!

Everyone knows (or should by now) that most cheap food is if not entirely void of nutrition, at best borderline. It's the food that no health orientated person would touch.  This is the stuff that often features on the first page of the grocery sale flyers - the chips, soft drinks, processed meals. What we tend to forget is that most of the healthiest food is also the cheapest.  Stock up on in-season fresh fruit and vegetables when they are at their peak - and their cheapest. By remembering portion control you can buy better quality red meats, fish and poultry and save money too. Whole grains and legumes are cheap and good for you. They also make great meals on their own and are perfect for stretching others.  There are plenty of inexpensive options when you look for cheap and healthy.

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  1. Great tip Cath, as a naturopath in training and a mum of 3 i am always shocked at what people put in their kids lunchboxes because it is cheap or easy. Like many things, cheap doesn't always mean good and shouldn’t be the only factor you consider. I consider myself a cheapskate, but we eat organic fruit and veges and i still use cheapskate principles when doing my shopping. Cooking vegetarian is the other way to drastically reduce your food bill!

    Sarah McLachlan


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