03 March 2011

Caring for your wooden chopping boards

Time and again wooden cutting boards have come out on top in tests to find the most hygienic chopping board. This is because wood is porous and draws in fluid, including fluid that may contain bacteria. The difference with a wooden board is that the bacteria that are drawn in die. Plastic boards may seem more hygienic but bacteria breed in the marks left by knives.

  • To keep your wooden chopping board in tip top shape wash it in cold, soapy water after each use.  Never use hot water to scrub your board, it will darken the timber.
  • Never leave it to soak - remember timber is porous and it will soak up moisture and swell.
  • Always rinse after scrubbing
  • Dry with a soft, clean tea towel and prop against the back of the sink or a wall to air dry completely before storing.
  • Never, ever put a wooden chopping board in the dishwasher - dishwashers and wooden utensils of any kind do not mix.
  • Oil regularly. There are specific oils you can buy for this purpose or you can use a vegetable oil. Vegetable oils are fine but you may find your board requires more frequent scrubbing as the oil becomes sticky. There is also a possibility of the oil becoming rancid if you don't use and wash the board regularly.
With proper care your wooden chopping board will last a lifetime.


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