27 March 2011

DIY Worm Farm

I love the creativity of today's tip. 

I decided a worm farm would be great for all the veggie/fruit scraps, but when I asked the stores, found they started at about $75. That set me thinking how I could get one - for nothing! I searched around for two black plant pots - large one and a one slightly smaller, and an old bucket. I put the larger pot inside the other one - it was too large to sink into the smaller one, then put them on top of the bucket (to catch the lovely liquid from the castings) so they became a conical shape. I added an old large pan lid, and bingo ! my worm farm was complete. The hardest thing was searching the garden for some worms to get it started - or you could go to the expense of buying the proper ones from the hardware store for around $25. Now I have a working worm farm for absolutely nothing.

Contributed by Anne, West Pennant Hills


  1. Love the idea, Anne! Can you post a pic?

  2. Can you actually use worms from the garden? I have always been told you have to buy the "special" but costly ones.

  3. Tiger, Indian Blue and Red Wriggler are the worms to use in your worm farm. I sourced mine from our local Council.

  4. Garden worms will die in a worm farm because they need to live in soil. Worm farm worms will die in the garden because the soil will kill them.


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