01 November 2012

3 Tips and Ideas to Streamline Your Life

Running your home is comparable to being a manager of a major corporation. There is a head of household who is responsible for the running and maintenance of its family members, much like a supervisor is responsible for the safety, happiness, and overall performance of his or her employees.

In order to get your family members to be productive, there are several techniques and tools that must be implemented and used for the family as a whole to run efficiently and correctly.

Chart Up the Chores

On a Sunday evening, perhaps after dinner, sit down with your family members and bring your chart with you in order to organize your week as a family and a team. Doing so during dessert or ice cream will make this task less painful and more productive. Decide on who is going where and how they will get there. Incorporate carpooling into the equation and do not forget to delegate.

For families with younger children, using a chart system with stars and stickers or even a small monetary token will give them a sense of pride and a desire for accomplishment. By utilizing a chart, no one can say that he or she didn't know something was his or her responsibility. Place the chart on the fridge if there is room. The refrigerator is one of the surest spots in the house where it will be in full view.

Note the Date

If you like, you can keep the chart only for chores and tasks and use a magnetic calendar with a dry erase board for keeping count of appointments and meetings. By delineating your chart for tasks and chores and placing your calendar with play dates, meetings, and dental appointments, you create a clear, concise, and separate view, not only of what needs to be done but also where everyone needs to be.

You can buy family calendars, with a spot for each member of the family. Or you can search online and find one that suits you. I like the family calendars, and even though the kids are independent, we all write our dates on the calendar just so everyone knows who is where when. It really helps with organizing family get-togethers and events.

Practice Time Management

Organizing your time cannot be stressed enough. In order to streamline your life, you must pick a certain day of the week for certain chores and stick to that schedule. Creating a schedule is imperative to streamlining your life.

For example, choose Monday to be the day in which you make all phone calls and do all paperwork. Choose Thursday afternoon for your food-shopping day. This way you avoid the crowds and cut your food shopping time in half. Schedule in Saturday early morning for your basic cleaning and Friday after work for your banking run. Whatever chore you decide to do on whichever day is irrelevant. What is imperative, however, is that you pick a day for a particular chore and stick with that day. After a few weeks, it will become second nature.

Charts, calendars, and organizing your time are the three most productive ways to streamline your routine. Streamlining your routine means you can enjoy more of the simple things in life.

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