08 November 2012

Chores for Sale

Decades ago if a child said that he or she was bored, their parents would be ready with a response such as, “I have plenty for you to do.” This would always send a child back to his or her imagination to rely on for entertainment lest they would be given chores.

At weekends and during school holidays, getting your children to do chores for a reward is a great way to get things done, keep them busy, and teach them something good. Make up a chart with a monetary award next to each chore. Check off each chore as they go along and, at the end of the day, tally up their earnings.

Allow them to pick an outing such as a movie the next day or a trip to their favourite ice cream shop. The incentive of money and a day out will keep them busy while gaining pride.
This is a win-win situation for all involved.

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