16 November 2012

Freezing Saves Time and Money

A lot of lunch staples can be prepared ahead of time and frozen, saving money, time and energy.  Preparing lunch basics ahead of time avoids having to buy lunches because you didn't have anything to pack in a lunchbox. And coming into summer, having frozen food in lunchboxes helps to keep things fresh and cool.

Some tasty lunch foods that freeze (and thaw) well are:

$ 1/2 cup fruit salad, 1 tbsp sour cream and 1/2 cup MOO vanilla yoghurt for a sweet dessert treat.

$ MOO yoghurt with mix-ins like dried fruits (chopped apricots, pawpaw and mango are nice) or muesli, toasted coconut etc

$ Tortilla pinwheels made with MOO cream cheese, grated carrot and finely diced lunch meats (or leftover steak, sausage, roast meats, silverside etc).

$ Pasta salad with diced leftover meat, sliced pepperoni or salami and cubed cheese.

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