28 November 2012

Stop Procrastinating and Just Do It!

Approximate $ Savings: Will vary - in my case $500

It's really great to set aside a couple of hours every now and then to do all those things you've been meaning to get around to. This week I've:
  • investigated health and car insurance options to find a better deal (saved $200 year on car insurance and about $25/month on health insurance)
  • looked into our life insurance policies to make sure we have enough cover
  • filled in a form for the tax office
  • written a (long overdue) letter. 
It's these things that are very important, but not necessarily urgent that it's easy to procrastinate on. By just setting aside a couple of hours and getting through it, it sure has taken a weight off my mind and it's already saved me money. FYI If anyone is interested, I found in my case that NRMA had the best value for money car insurance and NIB had the best health insurance plan.

Contributed by Erica Avenell

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