21 November 2012

The Forty Percent Christmas Club

Approximate $ Savings: 40% off Groceries
Each week in our grocery catalogues we see lots of items on special at half price, so my best friend and I came up with an idea to capitalise on those special prices. We each put aside $10 a week towards our own Christmas grocery shopping club. For the first few months or so we just bank the money. Then, towards the middle of the year, when we see a half price special we purchase those items and put them aside for Christmas.

We start by purchasing the items which have the longest shelf life first: tinned food, deodorants, washing powder, shampoos, oil etc. As Christmas gets closer we start buying items that have a shorter self life e.g. chips, biscuits, sweets etc. We take it in turns to shop each week and there is only one rule we follow - find the best bargains from our weekly catalogues and try to save at least on average 40% off the original price.

We are lucky that we share the same interest and likes, so if we see for example red wine on special, and then a further 30% off catalogue special, plus my friend's daughter works for a leading store so she gets a further 5% off - that's when we buy it.

We worked out that if we put $10 aside each week for forty-five weeks a year (allowing for a break over Christmas) we would have $450 to spend on our Christmas period groceries. And if we could save close to 40% on average off our Christmas shopping that's around $180 saved. The best part is that it is a lot of fun. The kids get in on it too, they keep an eye out for the best specials, and let us know about them.

Contributed by Fiona

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