05 November 2012

On Being a Crafty Shopper

Even if you are not a super-crafty person, there are hundreds of websites that offer up ideas for making crafts from beginner to craft connoisseur. Before you venture out, make it a family endeavor. A trip to the library is always a fun venture for young children.  Stop at your local library and have the children pick out some books on crafts or simple knitting and crocheting projects that they can begin. Beautifully made bracelets crafted from yarn are easy enough to start out with and can then later on include symbols such as hearts or even a recipient’s initials.

Next, surf the web and have the children incorporate their opinions on what they would like to make and what they think they can handle.

Some good websites for craft inspiration are:


The preparation in craft making is exciting as everyone can anticipate what his or her finished product will look like. Moreover, surfing the web together, visiting the library, and shopping the sale bins at your local craft store are all endeavors that a family can add to their list of things to do.

You will save money on future holiday gifts, spend time with your family in search of the perfect holiday gift for someone, all the while being creative and frugal at the same time.

This is a situation where parents, children and the gift recipients will all be smiling.

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