26 November 2012

Finding Time

You all know what I do for a living, it's no secret. I write about living the Cheapskates way, and talk about the dozens of different ways we save money without compromising our lifestyle.

And I love it. I love finding new ways to get the things we need for less and I love the challenge of hunting for new ideas I can try. Which takes a lot of time. In my ignorance I assumed that to make life easier I'd subscribe to newsletters. Lots and lots of newsletters.

Newsletters about shopping, newsletters with special offers, newsletters about finances, newsletters about kids and gardens and homes and cooking and so many other topics.

Funny thing is though that I set up filters for those newsletters, because I like to be organized, and when they come in they go straight to their respective folder. And there they stay. Because I don't have the time - or rather I really don't want to make the time - to read them.  And this has been bothering me, annoying me every time I check email. I see all those unread newsletters waiting for me, and it is stressful. I feel as though I'm skipping out on a job I should be doing.

So today, in the interests of my sanity, and my inbox, I took half an hour and I unsubscribed. I unsubscribed from Big W and Target, from Deals Direct and Travelzoo and from all the other newsletters that I just don't want to find the time to read.

No more folders full of emails waiting to be read and no more guilt.

If I want to research something in the future then I can; I don't need to be subscribed to hundreds of newsletters on the off-chance that I may one day want some information.

My email is surprisingly light - and so is my spirit.

If you get newsletters and notices and they sit unread in your inbox, think about clicking unsubscribe. It's painless and very, very freeing.

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