13 June 2014

Don't be Afraid to Ask

I used to think that the price advertised was the end of the story. But after working with someone who used to get great deals all the time, I learned this isn't the way. For example now when I want to go on a weekend away, I pick a few hotels I like, check out all the various discount website prices, such as wotif.com, then I email the hotel direct and ask them for their best price. Almost every time they'll knock at least $10 off the price. If you're ever at a clothes shop and buying multiple items, it never hurts to ask if they could offer a deal. Another example, when I was buying my TV, I visited a few stores before choosing the TV, and then went to JB because they had an extra 10% off promotion, and lucky for me a staff member hadn't taken down the promotion that had ended the day before, and I insisted on getting that price as well as the 10% discount. It's all about realising that the stores need your business, and if you don't get the deal you want, there's plenty of other hotels, clothes and TVs out there, and they know that.
Contributed by Jorja Stone

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