27 June 2014

Maximum Storage and Organization and it didn't Cost a Cent

Each of the four bedrooms in our home have built in robes with shelves but no drawers. So much space was wasted and it was hard to find items so off to my local supermarket and closest shoe store. These businesses happily gave me empty boxes.

 Before you go, measure the spaces, plan what items you want to store this way and select the required number of the same size boxes. i.e. 6 adult shoe boxes (all of the same brand so that they are sized equally). You don't want to waste time, energy and fuel in making a second trip.

Make sure you get shoe boxes that have a separate lid. This way you have the option of an open box which is easy to pull out like a drawer and it's easy to see the contents of the box. For seasonal items, you can simply place the lid on the box.

Kids' shoe boxes are great for small items like kids' underwear, hair supplies, kids' hats. Adult shoe boxes work well for underwear, socks, ties (rolled up like sushi), kids' t shirts, scarves.

Shallow and wide boxes from the supermarket are great for adult tops, caps, sports uniforms whilst deep, wide, sturdy boxes are perfect for jumpers and other bulkier items.

Fruit boxes with lids are ideal as they have greater airflow to keep your clothing fresh. The kids decided to cover the fronts of their new 'drawers' with cheap wrapping paper and to glue on hand written labels. I used double sided tape to attach my favourite scrapbooking papers to the boxes in our wardrobe to match my 'scrapbook paper' canvases over our bed.
Contributed by Julie

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