09 June 2014

MOO Monday: Homemade Baby Rice Cereals

Michelle writes "A tip for you on feeding your baby... discovered as a cost saving exercise purely by accident! I am a bit of a greenie and look into foods a little more closely than most would. When my little fella was born I discovered that most baby foods have fillers and thickeners in them and rice cereals didn't seem to go far at all - my little man sat there looking at me like "is that it?" after he finished the recommended portion size so I was going through truck loads of these tiny packets. I ended up going to the health food store and bought a kilo of wholemeal rice flour, millet flour and what ever other flours were used in these meals, I think I had about 4 different kinds. Anyway they cost me about $2 a kilo and I created a little mixture every morning and cooked it up on my stove. These lasted me months, I tell you months! In fact I still have some millet and rice flour two years down the track! I actually saved hundreds of dollars compared to what I would have spent on packets."

I did this with my own babies, using rice flour. I made a "porridge" of rice flour for them and they loved it. As they grew up, I added an egg to the mixture. Now they are really grown-up (23, 21 & 18) they still love ground rice porridge - and it's really cheap, too! - Cath

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